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Anonymous asked: Johns skintone in your homestuck shirt post is the same


getting off tumblr for a bit again because i still have some stuff to do

but if i catch a whiff of anyone being shitty you know i’ll be back in a heartbeat

countsassmaster asked: i have some input for you on the whole whitewashing thing. the screen shot you took is off of a digital example, and chances are that johns skin looks lighter on the actual SHIRTS is because of printing, you do realize that sometimes things print out different then they originally were designed right? printing sucks, especially on clothing. the tone difference really isn't as huge as you'r making it out to be, and for what reason would they have to whitewash ONE character????

i’ve gone over the printing thing so many times i’m not going to bother

but the reason only one of them was white-washed was because there’s only one that had a non-white skin tone to begin with!

and the tone difference is huge, and a huge deal. had they kept the original (or, hell, edited it in such a way that at least made him look different from the other kids) there would be no mistaking john for white in the printed version

which is the whole problem here. he very clearly wasn’t supposed to look white but now he does


If it’s not a printing error, it’s a method to cut costs and corners. To instantly leap that it’s an act of white-washing and an attempt to erase ‘poc’ or whatever is still incredibly stupid. And fair enough, it’s the only product they sell, but you also forgot that if the image comes from one ‘master image’ that’s printed on different colored shirts, your point becomes moot. The image has several colors different, not just John’s skin tone. You cherry picking your evidence does not mean you’re right. You keep going to “They lightened the skin tone, white washing!” when they changed a LOT of colors. Some darkened, some brightened. You can’t exactly say it’s white washing if so many changes were made.

changes were made, but the most noticeable one directly altered the colour of a character’s skin

the only one of them who had skin that could be considered anything but white

the reasoning doesn’t matter. it’s the final product, and the message - whether subliminal or overt - that it sends to anyone who sees or buys the product

that message is pretty clearly something along the lines of “only white people belong in our store”, and “only white people belong in homestuck”

and that’s fucking gross



By now, I’m sure a lot of you have seen this post going around where someone points out that the Hot Topic exclusive Homestuck shirt features white-washing where darker skin was depicted in the original art.

However, that post had a million different trains, and the OP wasn’t…

The problem is, it can still very well be a printing issue depending on how the material is made. One image being printed on several shirts using one ‘printer’ means it’s entirely possible. There’s a noticeable brightness overall, specifically with Rose and Dave’s hair being much brighter. There seems to be a shift in colors overall, with some areas being darkened and others lightened, depending on what the color is. The other issue is, this is just the only example you’ve shown. If there are others, feel free to post them. Would I say white-washing? No. There’s quite a few other explanations but to instantly jump to that conclusion is nothing more than reactionary.

Granted this has been pointed out on OP’s blog, I figured throwing this into the notes might help a bit. If there’s a different reason, i.e. the company was lazy and altered colors to cut costs, then by all means point at that. When you automatically assume the worst case scenario, however, it does nothing more than make you look like a paranoid fool.

ok but the point is that the result still makes a character look white who was not originally depicted as such

so no matter why they did it, they left john’s skin tone that way for the final printing of the product

and that sends a really gross message

also i dont understand why you think “this is just the only example” i’ve shown. it’s the only example of a product, yes, because this is the only homestuck thing hot topic is selling??? but i added 4 separate comparison photos so idk what you mean but i don’t think i could have done much more to make my point

mount-pleasant-cemetery asked: i'm not surprised or mad either way since hot topic being a shit tier company isn't really something new

i’m not surprised, no, but i am mad. i know hot topic is shit. but i don’t have to be happy or placid about it

and i don’t want to be

Anonymous asked: i'm not here to try to attack you but that isn't white washing. They made all of the colors different because it would cost a whole lot of money to print that shit.

once again, even if this is the case, “making the colours different” didn’t have to mean “making skin lighter” - and since this design was Hot Topic’s pick, if they knew they would have parameters regarding colours for printing, they should have chosen something else, or specified it in the contest.

instead, they took a lovely piece of art that someone drew for the contest - practically for free - and edited it (for whatever reason, but it’s undeniable that the result is white-washing and poc erasing, because anyone taking a look at it now would assume outright that those 4 kids were all meant to be white).

okay this has been fun and all but i have a paper that REALLY needs to get written so im gonna be off tumblr for a bit. ill still answer asks later if i get any but just keep telling everyone i guess cause god knows someone has to

Anonymous asked: are you color blind because legitimately in two of those pictures it looked exactly the same to me. And dude, you're probably one of the reasons that a lot of people say that you guys make everything about race, because you are.

w ow. way to use a disability as an insult. good job

also wtf? “making everything about race”????? this just in, calling out racism is apparently excessive and we should tone it down

fucking incredible lmao

Anonymous asked: Yeah I wish they'd have reversed it. Either way, here's hoping if they get enough feedback they'll make sure the next printing has the right colours and they'll cycle those into stock. (If they have contact info it might be good to put on your post!)

I want to hope that too (but I still feel like it’s less of a printing thing and more of a big fuck you), though we’ll see how closely they’re willing to listen.

(I’ll look around for it, though I imagine if there’s any at all, it’ll be easy enough to find.)

octapocalypse asked: Yeah, I mean Im going with white washing on this one, hot topic has a history of doing shitty stuff like that but I guess I can think of another reason but I doubt its any good. I know when my friend was screen printing a shirt for me the green came out much lighter then it was supposed to be and she had to adjust the colours on the actual picture to get it right. This is hardly a good argument though since im sure they have better equipment then us not to mention it would have affected more

then just johns skin tone

Yep, exactly. If some kind of ‘printing restriction’ really is to blame, then it’s just sheer laziness and bad form to fuck it up this much - or to accept a design with so many colours in the first place (even though it’s a really cute design and the artist 100% deserved that win).

But I recall hearing loads of things about Hot Topic being shitty (especially in regards to art theft, which if they altered the design without permission, this very well may be), so I can’t say I’m surprised - just mad, and hoping that everyone else will be mad too.

Anonymous asked: (Same from before) It looks like they may have just used Jade's skin colour on John. If I had to take a guess I'd say it was cheaper to print it like that. Still doesn't mean they should have done it, but yeah.

Possibly, but again, there are a lot of other colours on the shirt and Hot Topic isn’t exactly a small brand who needs to cut corners for cost. Even if that were the reason, it would have been near as simple to reverse it and make Jade’s skin darker - but, I mean, one of the other shitty things about this is that they altered that artist’s work at all.

Anonymous asked: I'm definitely not saying you're wrong about the whitewashing, but there still are other colour changes (the smuppet on Dave's shoulder, the blue on Equis's symbol/Nepeta's claws, all blue on John, Feferi's skirt, Terezi's cane), so I wouldn't say that John's skin was the only thing.

Ah, that’s true! There are a couple of other differences. (For the most part I was just checking larger blocks of colour and the characters’ skin tones). But I just really don’t like the excuse that there’s some kind of printing restriction that required them to go lighter, you know?


By now, I’m sure a lot of you have seen this post going around where someone points out that the Hot Topic exclusive Homestuck shirt features white-washing where darker skin was depicted in the original art.

However, that post had a million different trains, and the OP wasn’t the one to point it out, so about half the people reblogging it have no idea that the original art was altered.

Even some of those who have seen the evidence are blaming things like lighting, filters, or printing restrictions for the altered design. All of that is bullshit, and I’ll show you why.

For your comparison, this is the original:

(screenshot of this)

And here are some photos I grabbed from Instagram:





As you can see, in each of these, John’s skin tone is much lighter than in the original submitted to the contest. This can only have been done deliberately, and what do we call the deliberate lightening of skin? White-washing!

As I said above, some people are of the opinion that is could have been done for any number of reasons, but it’s plain to see that it’s was done specifically so that each human character would appear white. Why is this obvious?

  • The only other colour changes are the colour of shirt it’s printed on, so it can’t be a ‘printing restriction’ based on colour
  • These images all have different lighting/angles and were all taken by different people
  • Different or no filters have been applied, yet John’s skin is still visibly paler in comparison to everything else than it was in the original

This art was altered with purpose, there’s no two ways about it.

So what can we do?

Don’t stay ignorant. Get mad, and stay mad. Reblog this post. Contact Hot Topic and What Pumpkin to point out what this is and why it’s wrong. Tell everyone you know about how gross it is that this has happened.